Criminal Law

Driving While Intoxicated

Driving under the influence is a serious charge.  Even a first DWI can have serious consequences.  You need a lawyer to help guide you through it all.

Drug Cases

Whether you are accused of misdemeanor possession of marijuana or any felony drug related charge, Eddie will help you with your case.

Domestic Violence

Being accused of domestic violence can have grave consequences.  Eddie will work hard to help you through your case.


If convicted of an assaultive offense, your life may never be the same.  Let Eddie fight for your rights.


Theft offenses are serious business.  If you have been accused of committing a theft crime, Eddie can help you find your way through the challenges that lie ahead.

Expunction / Non-Disclosure

Eddie can help you clear your name if you were arrested for a crime and never indicted.  If you pled guilty in exchange for a deferred sentence, then Eddie can help you acquire an Order of Non-Disclosure.